Population in Adelaide

The capital of South Australia is the fifth largest city in Australia.

$ 71,180

GDP Per Capita

South Australia data was reported at 71,180.000 AUD in 2022.


Most Affordable City

Adelaide is the 3rd most affordable city to live after Perth and Darwin.

$ 650,000

Median Dwelling Value

You can explore the best suburbs in the city and find the most affordable home .

Discover the Best of Adelaide!

From picturesque parks to fine dining and rich culture, explore a city filled with surprises and hidden gems!

High quality of life

Safe, friendly, and affordable living with excellent healthcare and education.

Stunning natural landscapes

From hills to beaches, Adelaide offers breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities.

Vibrant cultural scene

Festivals, arts, and cuisine from around the world.

Strong economy

Booming industries, excellent job opportunities, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Your Guide to the City's Top Suburbs!

Adelaide Bite is a place where you can explore everything about the city, ranging from real estate market, business communities, entertainment hubs, culinary delights and best suburbs in and around the city. Adelaide is a city that offers a high quality of life and a strong investment condition. With its beautiful landscapes, cultural amenities, and thriving business sector, it has become a popular destination for those looking to invest in real estate. Some of the top suburbs to live in Adelaide include Brompton, Norwood, Mawson Lakes, North Adelaide, Unley, Burnside, and Glenelg, which offer a mix of modern amenities and historical charm. These suburbs are known for their beautiful homes, excellent schools, and vibrant communities. In addition to real estate, Adelaide offers opportunities for investment in industries such as healthcare, education, and renewable energy, making it a smart choice for investors looking for long-term growth potential. If you want to buy a home in Adelaide, visit our website and explore everything about the best suburbs, property prices and median house prices in different suburbs to help you make a well-informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

The median house price of Adelaide's best suburbs can vary depending on the specific suburb and market conditions. Here are some of the best suburbs where you can live and raise a family:

Brompton: Located just 4 kilometres north-west of the Adelaide CBD, t offers a mix of residential and commercial areas. The median price for a 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom houses in Brompton is $710,000.

Norwood: It is nestled 3 kms east of the city center. The suburb is a popular shopping and dining destination. The average price for a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom house is $867,000

Glenelg: Glenelg is a seaside suburb located approximately 10 kilometres south-west of the Adelaide CBD. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, restaurants, and entertainment. The median house price is $ 1,735,500, which is quite affluent. Contact us to know more about the property prices in Adelaide, SA.

Adelaide is home to several top universities and educational institutions, including:

1. The University of Adelaide: a prestigious public research university that consistently ranks among the top universities in Australia and the world.

2. Flinders University: a modern and innovative university with a focus on interdisciplinary research and community engagement.

3. University of South Australia: a dynamic and forward-thinking university that offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across a variety of fields.

4. TAFE SA: a vocational education and training provider that offers a range of courses and programs designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of industries.

5. Adelaide College of the Arts: a leading institution for the study of visual arts, performing arts, and design.

The city has a reliable and efficient public transportation system, which includes buses, trains, and trams. The Adelaide Metro website provides information on routes, timetables, and fares. The metroCARD can be used for all modes of transport and offers discounted fares for regular users.

Witness the Thriving Development of the City!

Adelaide is experiencing a surge of infrastructure and development projects in recent years. Some of the major projects include the redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval, expansion of the Adelaide Convention Centre, and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Additionally, the City of Adelaide has launched a Smart City initiative to enhance livability and sustainability through the use of technology. These projects are expected to bring about economic growth and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

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